Advantages of TEXCA® Wall





TEXCA® Wall saves construction time, labour and materials such as mortar and plaster, reducing overall wall

construction costs.


TEXCA® Wall is reinforced with lightweight ceramic aggregate, making it 2-3 times stronger than aerated lightweight concrete.


TEXCA® Wall is 50% lighter than fired clay bricks, saving structural costs and performing better as a thermal insulation.


TEXCA® Wall is 15 times larger than a fired clay brick and does not require tie columns.TEXCA® Wall also has hollow cores ready for electrical wires and water pipes, saving a lot of time. 


TEXCA® Wall is reinforced with ceramic aggregate that was firedat temperature higher than 1250°C and does not contain degradableor heat-reacting organics, making it stable and fire-resistant. 


TEXCA® Wall is made from strong and dense materials and doesnot contain air in structure. TEXCA® Wall also does not containdegradable organics, making it durable and suitable for bothoutdoor and indoor use.


TEXCA® Wall VS aerated concrete block


TEXCA® Wall has lower absorption rate and is stronger than aerated lightweight concrete block. Unlike aerated concrete block, TEXCA® Wall does not contain air in the body. It is not made from aluminium powder or other foaming agents.

A wall made with aerated lightweight concrete blocks typically requires about 1.0 – 1.5 cm of plasterwork in order to increase strength and prevent water absorption since the mortar used in plasterwork is stronger and absorbs less water than the concrete block does. However, if there are cracks or spallings in the plasterwork, the wall will not be as strong and susceptible to moisture-induced damage.


TEXCA® Wall is a lightweight concrete wall panel that is reinforced with lightweight ceramic aggregate instead of containing air in the body. It is higher in density than aerated lightweight concrete blocks and therefore stronger and absorbs less water. TEXCA® Wall is strong on its own and only needs 0.4 – 0.5 cm of plasterwork to smooth out the surface.



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