What is TEXCA


             What is TEXCA ?


Thai Expanded Clay Aggregate


          TEXCA® is a kind of aggregate materials that is lightweight but higher in strength when compared to other aggregate materials. Due to its high firing temperature of 1,250 °C, TEXCA® has the strength of ceramic but is light in weight. TEXCA® aggregate has unique properties such as light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance. In addition, the production process of TEXCA® aggregate incorporates waste materials, making TEXCA® aggregate an eco-friendly product.


        TEXCA® aggregate is versatile and has various applications such as reinforcement in lightweight concrete panel, lightweight concrete blocks or as an aggregate in concrete for leveling.


        TEXCA® aggregate is used as a main component in various types of lightweight concrete such as insulating concrete, non-load-bearing concrete and structural lightweight concrete.





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